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Inspired by nature and the human spirit, my artworks dance along a spectrum of colorful symbolism and portrait-scapes spanning painting, pattern, illustration, ceramics, and public art.

I strive to uplift and inspire by the energy shared through art making.

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Tracey Ariga Zavala

I'm a visual artist, mamma, wife, and nature-lover! (I also worked 10 years in interior design, which I, by the way love! and still pursue on the side with my incredibly talented designer husband, Pablo).

I also serve as an art therapist in both group and individual settings. I received by Master of Arts in Art Therapy from The George Washington University in 2019. Through art therapy and art making, we can gain further insight and understanding into our shared human experience. Let's journey together.

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Collaborations, commission work, and group workshop inquiries: traceyzavalaArt@gmail.com

General messages and questions can be sent through the form provided here. Thank you!



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